A figure skater’s guide to: Living With Your Partner


Found a perfect partner? Oh, wait, that perfect partner is no longer very perfect as he’s going to have to live with you for a while, or forever…

Have no fear, if you know what you are doing, living with your partner is pretty simple stuff.

I’ve had 2 partners now come live with me. The first one was only for a month. He was physically and mentally abusive on the ice and sat around playing MW3 eating nutella all day. Not to mention he had visa issues and had to return to his own country.

The second, my current partner, is going really smoothly.

Here, I’ll make it even simpler and pin point some tips and tricks to make this whole ordeal, well, more than workable.

  • Give eachother some space. Set up some guidelines. You get the upstairs, your partner gets the downstairs, or visa-versa. After a hard practice they won’t want you breathing down their throat, and you wouldn’t want them to either. Skating can be hard, and I guarantee that after an argument or fight on the ice, your gonna want some alone time, once you get home from skating, go to your own rooms or areas and do whatever you need to (school work!) by yourself.
  • Become friends, they’re like your new siblings, you will fight, but you also need to be friends. Got nothing to do on a friday night? You have your partner. Don’t pester them to come watch tv with you or hangout with you if they don’t want to, but if everyone is in a good mood a ‘wanna go play some videogames’ or ‘wanna watch the new Will Ferrel movie’ is a good start. Don’t forget though, this is your PARTNER, not your boyfriend, make sure to keep them just your partner. The offer to watch a movie is not an invitation to have a cuddle session.
  • You don’t need to do everything together. Just like the first tip, you will need some alone time. Each partner should have their own set of friends they can go to, even if your partner is home it doesnt mean you need to be there to, they like their space. Let your partner make friends to, he can go out and chill with some friends whenever he wants too, don’t lock him in the basement.
  • They are part of the family, if you are both underage you have to remember that it’s hard to be without your parents. Your partner is part of the family now, they come to dinners, family outings, the store, they eat with you at dinner time. If your family wants to do something, they are now invited. If they don’t want to come, thats fine, they can hangout with their own friends, but your mom is now theirs and your dad is also your partners dad now.
  • Parents, enforce rules and act like a parent. Just because you didn’t give birth to them doesn’t mean you don’t tell them to do their homework or to go to bed. True, you have to be a little bit more lenient, but just because they didn’t come out of you doesn’t mean you can’t treat them like your own. If they have a problem or need advice or homework help, they should be able to come to you. Even if the issue is about your own child.
  • Pick your battles, try your hardest NOT to fight or argue. It makes the whole ordeal so much more enjoyable if you don’t fight often. I know it’s bound to come up, but if  it’s over something silly count to 10 and move on.
  • Feed them healthily and take them where they need to go. Simple as that. The partner won’t apprcieate it if you won’t take him to the gym or store when they need it, and they also won’t like eating take out or pizza every night of the week. They need training food, and they need to know their partner is eating training food. Give them access to the kitchen and let them make lunchs, don’t make them buy their own food at the rink every day (unless that is the agrement.) Pizza on a rare friday night is fine, but healthy home cooked meals that the family eats as a whole is much much much better.

YUMMY! Simple Raw-Vegan, Gluten-Free Chocolate Strawberry Smoothie Recipe


ImageSmoothies are great, especially if you are vegan or Raw Vegan. They make great breakfasts or light meals and snacks. In fact, when I’m on my smoothy kick, I’ll drink about 16 ounces a day!

This smoothy is super simple and amazingly tasty, plus it’s gluten-free AND raw vegan. 

Today, I’m going to show you how to make a super quick chocolate strawberry smoothie! SO DELICIOUS!

What You’ll Need

  • 1 cup of strawberries
  • 3/4 cup of Almond Milk
  • 3.4 cup of Chocolate Coconut ‘yogurt’
  • Raw stevia to taste (optional, use as much as you’d like)
  • 3-4 ice cubes

How To Prepare 

Measure up what you’ll need. 3/4 cups of this, 1 cup of that and so on… get it all prepared for the process. Don’t forget, you can always add more, so start out smaller and add more if you need to.

If you need to cut up your strawberries, do so now. I cut up about 1 cup. Normally I just cut the leaves off and slice them in half, but if you have a less powerful blender, you may need to cut the strawberries into smaller chunks. 

Now it’s time to pull out your handy-dandy blender, and get down to work! I use a ninja blender, which I love because of the multiple blades that make it a quick and easy blend. It’s also quiet compered to other blenders on the markets. Toss the ‘yogurt’, strawberries, ice cubes, and almond milk. Blending them all at once is totally fine here. 

Once your smoothy is blended, pour into a cup and taste test, add however much stevia you want, taste testing while you add. Once the smoothy is as sweet as you want. Slip a strawberry into the side of the cup, and throw in a straw. Sit back and gulp away at the delicious Chocolate Strawberry smoothy!!!

A Figure Skaters Guide To Weight-loss: The Workout


It’s not uncommon for competitive figure skaters to need to lose weight.

Figure skating is an interesting sport, most of what we do is not ‘high intensity cardio training’ but many of us still think that what we do is.

Lets break it down, when we are in a lesson or a practice what do we do? We skate around for 30 seconds, do the element, then go back to the coach. That means, most of the time, we are only getting 10 minutes of REAL cardio training in an entire 40 minute session. Plus, after a while your body gets used to what you are doing, which is why it’s important to keep a strict leash on yourself when it comes to your diet regime.


CARDIO! I can’t stress enough, cardio is the only way to get fat off your body and numbers off the scale.

I recommend doing cardio at least 4 days a week, preferably 5. Do what ever it takes, go out side and run a trail, hit the elliptical at the gym, use the stationary bike or the tread mill that your parents bought years ago when they went on their health kick of the year. Whatever it takes, do some intense cardio workout.

I recommend doing a good 40 minute jog. You need to be working up a sweat though. Crank up the incline and jog away. This burns an insane amount of calories! I tend to do this at night, I’ll turn the TV on and watch my favorite shows while I work up a  sweat. Find the time the time and place that works best for you, whither it be at a local gym in the morning before your sessions or at the rink’s gym after your lessons.

On top of cardio training, it’s important to get some strength training in as well. 2-3 times a week should do. This will get your muscles toned up and will prevent injury. A sport specialized personal trainer is the best option, he will be able to design a workout that is perfect for your needs and can help build up the important muscles which will prevent injury. Again, this will help you burn the fat and tone up!


After your cardio or strength training it’s always important to cool off with some stretching and a little yoga. Ask your personal trainer to help you with some cool down stretching, or pull up a yoga mat and watch some cartoons while you perfect your spilts. Ask the coach for some stretches to help your spirals, and your beihlman.

Another office regimen you can add is yoga, it’s very different from skating, but different is a good thing. It’ll give you a good workout, while calming your mind AND will help out with flexibility. I’m sure your coach makes you take the ballet classes, this is the same idea, something different to help out with your own sport.

What I eat in a day


Many people want to know how to eat healthily and get slim, but not many know what is healthy and what isn’t.

I’m here to help you! Heres what I eat in a day to get skinny and live healthily!

Breakfast Time: 

I wake up pretty early so my breakfast time is usually pretty simple and easy. I normally have a cup of tea (and another mug for the road) for starters. For my actual substance, I normally eat a vanilla non-fat yogurt with some fresh fruit, or a slice of light 100 percent wheat bread with some sugar-free jam, or an egg, or a bowl of cereal with un-sweetened almond milk. 

Meal 2:

This is also considered the first part of my lunch. Because of my skating schedule, I don’t have the time to eat a full lunch, so I split it into two small meals. This way, I don’t feel deprived or tired for the second half of the day. I normally eat my second meal of the day at around 10:30. For this, I normally eat a cup of fruit and a mini energy or cereal bar. I love the Mini cliff bars and mini luna bars. I also love the Special K cereal bars. These babies range from 80-100 calories, but are great as my one carb item for the day. 

Meal 3:

Again, I split my lunch meal into 2 parts. I normally eat this part at 12 or 1 depending on when I get hungry. For this meal, I normally have a salad or some prepared veggies (sauteed, seasoned or grilled) for my salad, I chose deep green lettuce and I love to put in some fresh vegetables, and maybe a little beans or salsa or fruits. Sometimes I’ll add a dressing. I love Sesame Ginger and non-fat Italian. 


Dinner can be a little more diverse. I normally let this be my most hearty meal of the day. Normally I will have some sort of protein. I love fish, but if I don’t do a fish, I’ll do a tofu product. I am vegetarian. I like salads for my dinner as well, but for this one I’d add a lean fish. I also love doing some fish and vegetables. Maybe a 1/3 cup of brown rice if I’m really hungry. Salmon, Tilapia, Shrimp, Tuna and Haddock or catfish are really my favorites to eat. I also LOVE sashimi, so I will always get that if I can. If I’m running low on time or craving something carby, I’ll have a healthychoice or lean cuisine TV dinner. These things are life savers, say I’m craving cheese or pasta, I can pick one up and have an amazing dinner for under 400 calories, they also make fish, meats and noodles. They taste great too! Last but not least, for the simplest nights a vegetable or tomato soup is a great dinner:-)

Other Tasty treats:

If you really want an extra snack, say your working really hard that day and need something more, here are some great treats or snacks I’ll occationally add into my diet!

– Dried fruit or vegetables (dried mushrooms are to die for!)

– Pepperage farms cracker chips. If you have that need for chips these are amazing.

-Hummus. Tribe makes great low cal hummus.

– Skinnycow ice cream or chocolates. Great for cravings.

– Weightwatchers cheese.

– Weightwatchers ice cream sandwiches.

-Frozen Yogurt


I hoped this helped you all kickstart your healthy life style. Mix this diet in with some great exersize regimins and you’ll be looking and feeling AMAZING in no time. I promise.


CAUTION: I am not, nor am I trying to be a dietitian or nutritionist of any sort. Please check with your nutritionist before going on any diet. 

Lululemon Must haves

Lululemon Must haves

Face it, whether you want to admit it or not, we all are lululemon fanatics.

I decided for my first post, I should talk about my all time favorite Lululemon pieces, and what I consider must haves. Without further a do – my top 10 lululemon must haves.

 Define Jacket 

This jacket is the king of all fitness jackets. Trust me, I’ve worn Under Armour, Nike, adida, New Balance, champion and this jacket tops all. It’s snug, but doesn’t hug you in the wrong places, and it’s very warm too. As a figure skater, I wear this every single day and must of my training mates own a few as well. Also, I love the thumb holes.

Scuba Hoodie

You all knew I would mention these. Simply put, these are the nicest, warmest, comfiest hoodie. Great for skating (I wear it over my define jacket) or going to your yoga class or gym.

Run: Swiftly Tech 1/2 Zip

I like these  because they aren’t as warm or thick as a jacket, but give a little more warmth than a teeshirt. These are nice, I don’t have to much to say about these, but they are a great item to own!

Wunder Under Pants

The wunder under pants are seriously great. They are a slim fit, perfect from running or yoga (or skating) they make your butt look good, and they hold up for a long time. The Wunder Under pants are a must have for athletic people.

Run: Speed Shorts

These are perfect for running or work out. The wide waistband is VERY nice, I like the vents in the back that keep you cool, and the pocket is just the back is just big enough to keep your keys or a gel. Also, they don’t ride up. I know that is a make or break to running shorts.

Cool Racer Backs

I love the Cool Racer Back tanks because they are simple and versatile, you can wear your own bra, and they look great out and about – not just while working out. They make a million patterns for these, which I love as well.

Power Y Tanks

This just a nice y shaped tank top. Great for a simple out and about outfit or a yoga class, OR a gym workout. I find these very versatile and comfortable. So diverse, it’s a must have.

The Mat

Sure, the price tag is a little scary for a yoga mat, I agree, but they are SO amazing. The Mat is longer than the usual, so you entire body will fit on it. It is extra padded so  the floor won’t be hard on your back. The grips make the problem of sliding around unrecognizable.

Slip-less Headband 

I honestly have these in colors to match ALL my shirts. Yeah, they are so tempting at the check-out. Anyways, I love how these don’t slip on your head, and my bangs always get in my eyes if I’m not wearing one of these.

No-Brainer Mat Strap

This goes along with the Mat. I can’t stand not having a strap to cary my mat around with, even when I do have a bag. I’ve tried many straps, but I found this one the most comfortable, it’s easy to slip on and off of the mat, and you can put it on in a hurry. The weight of the mat is also distributed more evenly with a strap like this one.